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The total cost for Birthing Through Hypnosis Method Membership is $39.00.

This price is significantly less than most couples pay for a traditional childbirth preparation class; not to mention the money you are saving on gas!

If you prefer to pay a reduced fee and forego the one-on-one online mentoring with Kristin Nemzer, you can use the promotion code "nomentor" and you will receive a 25% discount
off the total cost of your membership.

Only a few short minutes after your order is processed you will have access to the downloadable Birthing Through Hypnosis Manual, the downloadable relaxation, hypnosis, and instructional audio tracks, the Birthing Through Hypnosis Natural Childbirth Class audio track, and the one-on-one online mentoring form.

(Please note that there will be a delay in receiving your password if the email address connected with your PayPal account is not the same as the email address you use for your member ID)

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