I have taught the Birthing Through Hypnosis Method childbirth preparation techniques for years. I have received hundreds of emails from past participants about their positive birth experiences.

The Birthing Through Hypnosis Method Includes:

  • A downloadable Birthing Through Hypnosis Manual written by Kristin Love, LMFT, CH (140 pages).
  • Downloadable relaxation, hypnosis, and instructional audio recordings, created by Kristin Love with music by her husband, Eliot  (over two hours of recorded material).
  • A downloadable Birthing Through Hypnosis Natural Childbirth Preparation Class audio track by Kristin Love (over three hours of instruction).

What’s Included In The Birthing Through Hypnosis Package:

Birthing Through Hypnosis Manual

The Birthing Through Hypnosis Manual was written by Kristin Love based on the Birthing Through Hypnosis childbirth classes she has been teaching for many years. The manual is 140 pages long and is packed with valuable information and beautiful images. You will find yourself repeatedly reading and referring to this manual during your pregnancy.

To give you a sense of the content of the book, here are the Birthing Through Hypnosis Manual Chapter Titles:

  1. What is Birthing Through Hypnosis?
  2. What is Natural Birth?
  3. What is Hypnosis?
  4. Mind-Body Connection
  5. The Role of Fear
  6. How does Birth Work?
  7. Avoiding Stress in Labor
  8. What about the Pain?
  9. Techniques for Stage One: The Opening Phase
  10. Techniques for Stage Two: The Birthing Phase
  11. Stage Three: Birthing the Placenta and Bonding with Your Baby
  12. Time in Labor – Your Animal Brain
  1. Techniques for Your Mind
  2. Techniques of Touch
  3. Additional Strategies
  4. Birth Partner
  5. Birth Doulas
  6. Where to Give Birth
  7. Positioning of the Baby
  8. Fear – Letting Go
  9. Suggestions for Practicing the Birthing Through Hypnosis techniques
  10. Parting Words
  11. Who am I?
  12. Appendix

The manual can be downloaded immediately upon purchasing the Birthing Through Hypnosis Method.

Birthing Through Hypnosis audio recordings

What's Included

The Birthing Through Hypnosis audio recordings have been created and recorded by Kristin Love and include music by her husband, Eliot. The audio tracks include relaxation, hypnosis, and instruction and are all part of your natural childbirth preparation and training. The recordings are an invaluable tool for practicing the Birthing Through Hypnosis techniques while you are pregnant as well as being an incredible tool for staying relaxed and focused during labor. Kristin’s vast experience as a hypnotherapist is evident in the quality of the recordings. These audio tracks total more than 2 hours of instruction and practice.

The audio files can be downloaded immediately upon purchasing the Birthing Through Hypnosis Method.


Audio Files Included

  1. Vacation Visualization
  2. Head to Toe Relaxation
  3. Rainbow Chakra Meditation
  4. Sacred Birthing Circle
  5. Fear Release
  6. Practice balloon breath
  7. Practice top-down breath
  8. Mock Birth Instructions
  9. Mock Birth Solo Practice
  10. Mock Birth Practice with Birth Partner
  11. Breech Baby, Turn!

Birthing Through Hypnosis Natural Childbirth Preparation Class

The Birthing Through Hypnosis Natural Childbirth Preparation Class audio recording has been created and recorded by Kristin Love. The class is another vital resource for learning the Birthing Through Hypnosis method. Kristin covers all of the pertinent material from the manual and walks you through how to best prepare for your baby’s birth. The class is over three hours long and contains invaluable information that will help you customize the Birthing Through Hypnosis techniques to you and your unique birthing desires. The class can be downloaded immediately upon purchasing the Birthing Through Hypnosis Method.

Who exactly is the Birthing Through Hypnosis Method for?

This method is for anyone who is having a baby and has even a slight interest in natural childbirth (also known as an unmedicated birth). Knowing that the Birthing Through Hypnosis Method focuses on natural birth does not mean that as you read this you need to be 100% committed to having a natural birth. You may already be there or you may be far from there. My intention is to provide you with information and facts so you can decide for yourself what’s right for you and for the birth of your baby. Many women change their preconceived plan to have a medicalized birth once they become educated about having a natural birth. CLICK HERE to learn more about why you might want to choose natural birth.

In the process of working with hundreds of pregnant moms and partners to prepare for childbirth, the following are some of the issues I’ve heard over and over again. Some – or all of them – may sound familiar to you:


You’re not 100% sure you want to have a natural birth. You don’t enjoy pain (who does) and you have heard that natural birth is painful.


You are ready to prepare for a natural birth but you’re having a hard time finding a method that is right for you. You might start to learn about a method and find that it focuses more on what could go wrong rather than on what you can do to help your labor go right. You’re not finding the information that can help you to prepare to give birth naturally.


You know women who have attempted to have a natural birth and now they are cheerleaders for pain medication. If women that you know and trust can’t do it, you’re not sure if you can.


You are afraid you may not achieve a natural birth even if you try. You know on some level that your body is built to give birth, but you often question whether you can achieve this, even with education and practice.


You attempted a natural birth with your first child and you didn’t have the outcome you desired. Whether you tried a few things or many things, nothing produced the outcome you wanted. You may have even concluded that natural childbirth is not for you or that your body just can’t do it.

Despite the fact that a woman’s body knows how to grow a baby, many women fear the birthing of their baby. They know they need to do something to ease their fears, educate their minds, and prepare their bodies for birth. What they want is a simple, convenient, and effective way of getting the information they need and deserve. I have created the Birthing Through Hypnosis Method to address all of these concerns.

What will I learn from this method?

What results might I experience from using this method?

An approach to natural childbirth preparation that makes sense.
You would be happy to follow a method if you could be sure that it actually worked consistently. You’re not looking for miracles. You are searching for straightforward proven methods of coping with labor.

**The Birthing Through Hypnosis Method teaches you those proven techniques and tools for coping with labor in a straight-forward, simple manner.

Childbirth preparation techniques that you can actually apply.
You want to be able to practice childbirth techniques and feel in your body, mind, and spirit that they will work for you during labor.

**When you practice the Birthing Through Hypnosis techniques after reading about them in the manual, hearing about them in the recorded class, and listening to the relaxation, hypnosis, and instructional audio tracks, your body will respond and will clearly tell you which techniques work well for you.

Techniques that will assist your body in doing its job.
You want to make sure the techniques you learn will help your labor progress rather than cause it to stall or be prolonged.

**The Birthing Through Hypnosis techniques are designed to work in harmony with the physiological and psychological components of labor.

Information that is essential.
Learn in a no-nonsense way about what you need to achieve a natural birth. You want to know the essential pieces that you need to know and practice to have your baby naturally.

**The Birthing Through Hypnosis Method walks you through the essential ingredients that go into your birthing experience. These include educating yourself about natural birth, learning techniques that work for you, practicing the techniques alone and with your birth partner, choosing a caregiver and location to give birth that are friendly to natural birth, paying attention to your baby’s positioning, releasing your fears about birthing, etc.

A method of childbirth education that you can do at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home.
You may have a busy schedule and you need to have the necessary information at your fingertips when the chance to focus arises. Driving to class for 4 or 6 or 12 sessions at pre-determined times can feel like too much.

**The Birthing Through Hypnosis Method can be done at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. You will not need to drive anywhere in order to get a great education. You may decide that listening to the downloadable Birthing Through Hypnosis class on your own schedule is right for you. You can read the manual at your own pace and listen to the practice audio tracks as many times as you would like. The information is accessible to you any time – day or night.

A clear method that you can practice that answers the question, "How am I going to manage a contraction without resorting to medication?"
There are many birthing techniques out there that tell you to relax during labor without telling you HOW or WHY, or WHEN. You want answers!

**The Birthing Through Hypnosis Method gives you all of the answers. You’ll receive the comprehensive manual that you can read again and again. The manual will tell you HOW, WHY, and WHEN to use the many Birthing Through Hypnosis techniques. You’ll receive the relaxation, hypnosis, and instructional audio tracks that answer the question of HOW to use the techniques. One of the audio tracks, the mock birth exercise, walks you through a mock birth practice that clearly demonstrates both HOW and WHEN to use the Birthing Through Hypnosis techniques. Finally, the pre-recorded class is meant to “breathe life” into the Birthing Through Hypnosis theory by giving you some more detailed information.

Feeling more trusting and peaceful about your upcoming birth experience.
Once you have a deep understanding of natural birth and how to work with the natural birthing process, you’ll find your fears have less of a grip on you. No longer being gripped by fear of giving birth allows for a sense of calm to be a part of your pregnancy. Having less fear is also advantageous for your labor, as you’ll learn in the Birthing Through Hypnosis material.
Finding newfound trust in your body.
Through this course you may unravel many ways in which you have learned not to trust your body. Learning about the natural process of giving birth may help you develop a deeper understanding and a feeling of peace about your body. This can lead to a more trusting experience of giving birth and a more fulfilling life on many levels.
Bonding more deeply with your baby and your partner.
Feeling prepared and ready for your baby’s birth can help prevent relationship difficulties during pregnancy and labor. Plus the love and bonding hormones of a natural birth can’t be beat!
Experiencing a deeper connection to your own intuition.
Learning how to tap into your “gut” and follow it during labor is a skill that can benefit you well beyond your childbearing years.
Feeling supported by the techniques even in the most intense parts of labor.
With practice the techniques can become your trustworthy friends and can help guide you through labor.
Having the birth of your dreams!
Meeting your baby in a positive and powerful way is a dream that most moms share.
Being aware of an increased sense of empowerment in your life.
Trusting your body and journeying naturally through childbirth can have a profound effect on your self image.
By participating in the Birthing Through Hypnosis Childbirth Preparation Method, all of the above (and more) is possible.

The students who have gone through the Birthing Through Hypnosis Method have had incredible results with the techniques. Here are some real-life birth stories and comments from some of my students. I receive many inspiring birth stories every week expressing how much pregnant moms and partners who studied these materials benefited from their participation. To read these inspirational birth stories Click Here