Dear Kristin,

Thanks so much for your online class.  A friend of mine told me about it and she was right…it helped me so much. The balloon breathing and top-down breath were instrumental in my labor and birth, and while we didn’t use the scripts (even though we practiced them quite a bit), I definitely used visualization with the help of four photos from our honeymoon and had bits of the honeymoon script my husband and I created running through my mind between 6 and 9 cm dilated.

We are so proud to announce that our baby was born Wednesday 8/15 at 7:30am at UCSF Medical Center, one day before my due date. After 26 hours of a wonderful labor at home with our midwives, doula and my cousin, our son was born naturally and unmedicated just 45 minutes after our arrival at the hospital. He came out a little blue and needed some help from the neonatal ICU staff, but all signs and tests are showing that he is completely healthy, alert and now breastfeeding. He is 6lbs 15.8 ounces and 18.89 inches long. He has dark sandy blonde hair (like his parents) and it looks like he’ll have blue eyes.  We are in love!

Thank you again for your class,