Hi Kristin,

I have to say that learning the Birthing Through Hypnosis techniques really prepared us well, and I don’t think we could have had the birth that we did without learning what we did in your class. We didn’t use all of the Birthing Through Hypnosis techniques, but I especially found the top-down breath helpful during pushing. And I really believe that it is simply the whole approach and perspective of Birthing Through Hypnosis that must have helped my body move from 0 to 9 1/2 cm in 6 hours. I also had a great birth team (my husband, my midwife, and my doula) who continued to reinforce all of the principles of Birthing Through Hypnosis with each contraction.

We feel so blessed to have had such a natural, uncomplicated, and speedy birth with Baby E.

C & E