Complete Birthing Through Hypnosis Program


This is the complete package containing all audio files and the Birthing Through Hypnosis manual. This is your best value, get the entire collection and save $20!



Includes The Following:

The official 140 page Birthing Through Hypnosis Manual in PDF format.
Viewable on all PDF compatible devices.
23 chapters of information pertaining to the Birthing Through Hypnosis method.
Instructional Series Audio Files
Practice balloon breath
Practice top-down breath
Mock Birth Instructions
Mock Birth Solo Practice
Mock Birth Practice with Birth Partner
Relaxation Series Audio Files
Head to Toe Relaxation
Vacation Visualization
Rainbow Chakra Meditation
Transformation Series Audio Files
Sacred Birthing Circle
Fear Release
Breech Baby Turn!
MP3 download
3 Hour Lecture Series
Parts 1-3


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