Dear Kristin:

I just wanted to let you know that we had our second baby girl on September 6. Thanks so much for all of your help – it was invaluable once again! Just to give you a quick rundown: My water broke at about 8am on Sept 5th, and I started to have light, infrequent contractions. After getting Avery settled with some friends, we headed to the hospital where I labored all day and most of the evening. By 10pm, I was still only about 5cm, and my midwife (who was 38 weeks pregnant herself at the time) was getting tired.

After some discussion, I readily agreed to, as we put it, a “whiff” of Pitocin, and sure enough that was all I needed. I went from 5 to complete in one hour, pushed for 20 minutes, and she was out! It was quite intense, but I was happy to have had the chance to experience so much of my labor without the Pitocin, and of course the techniques that you went over with us helped throughout the entire process.

Now our beautiful little one is happy, chubby, and sleeping, well, as much as I guess she feels she needs to!

Take care,