Hi Kristin,

I wanted to let you know that we have a new son!!!! He is our 3rd child, born on 3/30. He was born at 8:10 a.m. My water broke around 2:30am, so I only had about 5.5 hrs of labor. The girls call him Baby T. He is almost 10 lbs and he is very long at just over 22 inches. I don’t know anyone in our immediate family that had a baby so big. The girls were both around 7.5 lbs. We were expecting this baby to be about the same size since I was the same weight that I was with Older Sibling E. Of course, this is the baby that I decide to birth totally natural at home!

I don’t know if we are more shocked over the fact that he is a boy or his size. The birth was a beautiful experience. We really wanted to do a natural birth in our Jacuzzi at home. I did all of the labor in our jacuzzi and it was wonderful. I was able to use the jets on pressure points along my spine. The Birthing Through Hypnosis techniques helped me to get into a trance so I didn’t really feel any pain until the last 20-25 min. That is when I started to push him out and realized that he was stuck. His head was coming out, but his shoulders were slamming against my pelvic bone. It was beyond excruciating. So, I had to get out of the tub and switched to the birth throne (a.k.a. the toilet). His head was partially out, but I still couldn’t get his shoulders out. Then, instinct kicked in and I stood up and my husband held on to me tight to keep me from falling. Within 2 pushes, the baby was out. Fortunately, the midwife was right there to keep him from falling into the toilet! It was the best sense of relief in my entire life when his shoulders finally came out. I could never imagine giving birth in a hospital again. This was the best experience and the best medical care that I could have ever imagined. It was incredible. His sister was able to cut his cord, and he started nursing in less than an hour after being born. He is so chubby. Fortunately, I didn’t tear. So far, he is just the perfect baby. Amazing!

I hope that more women will have the confidence to do the Birthing Through Hypnosis Method and also give birth at home. I finally had the kind of experience that I really wanted. Plus, I know it was the best thing for me and the baby. If I had been in the hospital, then they probably would have sucked him out of me or cut me open to get him out. I would never have been able to stand up to get him out naturally if I had an epidural. Plus, I didn’t need an epidural or any other interventions because I was able to do everything at home without any interruptions or transitions to the hospital. Endorphins are incredible.

Your stories, advice and confidence gave us the confidence to do it at home. It was an amazing experience that we can’t wait to do again! (Just one more time though….)