Why would you want to have a natural birth?

Here are a few of the reasons a mother might choose to have a natural birth:

Make no mistake about it – you can have a natural childbirth in today’s society but you must take active steps to make it happen. You and your partner must decide in your own minds that you want a natural birth. You must find a doctor or midwife who supports that decision. You and your birth partner must train for the birth so you know what to expect, how to manage the discomfort of labor, and what to do at different stages of the birth.
The Birthing Through Hypnosis Method is a proactive method to prepare mentally and physically for your natural birth experience.
Most natural childbirth techniques are not invasive,
so there’s little potential for harm or side effects for mom or baby. These techniques are lower risk than their medical alternatives for pain management.
Technology can have consequences.
Many households are moving towards eating organic food and walking or riding bicycles rather than driving because of the consequences due to the use of pesticides and gasoline. The same is true of birthing. While medical technology is miraculous when it’s needed, Mother Nature built our bodies to be able to give birth long before those technologies were developed. Many women decide that they want to work with their bodies the old-fashioned way. They do not believe that technology is better than the ancient wisdom of their bodies.
Many moms think they want a medicated birth...
… because they are scared of natural birthing due to stories they have been told over many years. Preparing for a natural birth helps a woman learn to trust her body, trust her intuition, and work together with her birth partner. These are all valuable pieces of having a great birth experience.
Having a natural birth decreases post partum depression ...
… because the body’s natural endorphins flow throughout labor and last for many weeks after the baby is born. The love and bonding hormones of a natural birth can’t be beat!
Some moms want to feel the full experience of giving birth ...
… because they see it as an empowering journey. While not all moms feel this way, those who do see giving birth as a rite of passage that is meant to be experienced fully. Birthing can be one of the emotionally, physically, and spiritually transcendent moments of your life. Trusting your body and journeying naturally through childbirth can have a profound effect on your self image. During a natural birth a woman can feel herself transform into a fierce, empowered mother.
Being unmedicated means not needing to be hooked up to an IV ...
… or a continuous monitor. It also means that the mother does not experience any loss of sensation or alertness, she can move around with ease, and she can find positions that help her stay comfortable during labor. Because the mom is mobile and has full sensation, she’s able to actively push her baby out. The ability to move and be in upright positions decreases the chance of poor positioning for the baby, tearing, having an episiotomy, requiring a vacuum or forceps delivery, or needing a cesarean.
Choosing natural birth means making decisions ...
…that are meant to avoid a cesarean birth. A c-section is major abdominal surgery with potential serious risks, including the risk of a future ectopic pregnancy due to scar tissue, the risk of infection, and the risk of placental difficulties. Recovery from a cesarean birth is much longer and more difficult than recovery from a vaginal birth.
The complications of cesarean birth also extend to the baby.
Babies born by c-section are three times as likely to experience respiratory complications. They do not have the benefit of passing through the birth path which helps to clear mucus from the mouth and nasal passages.
Women who choose natural birth ...
… realize that all medications taken during pregnancy are passed to the baby. By avoiding medications while in labor these mothers choose not to expose their babies to the possibility of allergic reactions, respiratory distress, or a host of other complications that can arise from exposure to such drugs.
Finally, recovery from a natural birth ...
… is faster, easier, and more comfortable than recovery from a medicated birth. Most moms report that they are high on endorphins for weeks after a natural birth, which helps them in the healing process. Having medication during labor interrupts the body’s natural flow of endorphins.